Best meat on the street!

We are an event-centric food truck

There are lots of ways to do food trucks!  Some folks have a route they drive on, visiting different businesses, etc.  Some folks find a corner to setup and sell on.  Some people make deals with properties to come out and sell. We decided to go a different direction: We ONLY do pre-paid (catered) events, where the organizer pays to feed all of the attendees. Sometimes we will do large festivals, but mostly we just cater for parties & events. We have always been caterers first.

We are one of the only foodtrucks offering BAR SERVICE!

Not only can we do bar service, but because we are a catering company we offer service staff, off-truck stations, appetizers, desserts, etc.  Literally everything a caterer can do, we offer as an add-on to our food truck parties.

When you hire a food truck, you are bringing in more than food, you are creating a social event.

Hiring a food truck is a little different than hiring a caterer.

Our terms are simple:

  • We have a non refundable Booking Fee of $250 (applied to the total of your final bill.)

  • We have a $750 food minimum ($10 per person)

  • We have a $200 Food Truck Service Charge

  • We have a 50 Person Minimum

  • We only do one job a day and assign the date to the first person to pay their Booking Fee.

  • 3 Hours onsite time included: (.5 hour setup, 2 hours service, .5 hour cleanup)

  • We have a limited range of service

  • We are licensed to operate in Harris County

  • We require a level, paved area about 16×20 for the truck.

  • Events are “rain or shine”

CALL: (281) 377-6127 OPT 3