10 Questions To Ask A Wedding Caterer

Not all wedding caterers are created the same.  Use this handy list when interviewing your wedding caterer. (We have included our answers for comparison.)

  • What is your specialty? Backyard Catering specializes in the kind of food you love to eat.  American Casual, American Steakhouse, Barbecue, Tex-Mex, Gulf Coast Seafood are just a few of the menus we offer.

  • What is your price range? Backyard Catering has pricing available from $12.50 per person up to $75 per person depending on the menu and level of service.  Most of our weddings end up between $20 & $30 per person with appetizers and drinks.

  • Is your kitchen licensed and may we come visit it?  While there are some caterers who cook from home or in unlicensed facilities, Backyard Catering operates from The Backyard Grill at 9453 Jones Road in Jersey Village.  You are welcome to visit the restaurant any time.

  • Do you have insurance?  Backyard Catering is fully insured.

  • How long have you been catering? We have been catering since 2001.

  • Can you provide bar service and are you licensed to serve alcohol?  Backyard can provide bartenders for events we cater.

  • What is your payment policy?  Do you accept credit cards? We collect 50% initial payment upon acceptance of the Event Agreement, and final payment the Monday before the event. CLICK HERE for our terms and conditions page.  And yes, we accept credit cards, at no additional charge and can accommodate a prepayment plan if needed.

  • What is your refund or cancellation policy? We allow cancellation up to 14 prior to the event date.  CLICK HERE to see our complete policy.

  • Can we sample your food?  We offer a Wedding Open House at the end of January that showcases our cuisine.  You are also welcome to dine at our restaurants at any time to get to know our food.  We offer an event menu tasting once you are on contract for a nominal fee.

  • How many large events do you do at one time?  We only do one wedding or large event per day so that we can focus our best resources on that one event.  This is why it is important to secure your date as far in advance as possible.